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Download the Wyzz WYSIWYG editor here. Please be sure to read the terms of use and the GPL licence before using the software in any 'live' sites.

In particular, please realize that this software is still in development. It is up to you to ensure it's suitability for your purpose. The author cannot be held responsible for any damage you do!

Wyzz is currently at Version 0.66, however all previous versions are available from this page. You may choose to download an earlier version if your requirements are modest, and therefore benefit from the smaller filesize.

Download Wyzz v0.1 .ZIP (15k)
The original 'tiny' Wyzz.

Download Wyzz v0.2 .ZIP (17k)
Pretty similar to v0.1 but with a much broader range of additional block format tools such as indent, undo/redo, subscript/superscript etc.

Download Wyzz v0.22 .ZIP (17k)
As v0.2 but now allows styling of the edit area via an external CSS file editarea.css

Download Wyzz v0.3 .ZIP (19k)
As v0.2 but with a built-in foreground (i.e. font) color picker. Thanks are due to Cosmin Constantinescu for his suggestions for this element.

Download Wyzz v0.31 .ZIP (19k)
Now with revised color treatment including both foreground (text) and background color selector

Download Wyzz v0.4beta (23k)
Now with cut, copy and paste, improved icons, and source code editing

Download Wyzz v0.4 (25k)
Now with improved cross-browser (IE and FF) performance. (Not tested on Opera or Safari yet, so feedback welcome).

Download Wyzz v0.41 (25k)
Now with full justify and Opera support.

Download Wyzz v0.5 (26k)
Version 0.5 adds the option of 1 or 2 toolbars, font selection, horizontal rule, and a formatting removal tool

Download Wyzz v0.51 (27k)
Now with editable character map and HTML Headings H1 - H6

Download Wyzz v0.55 (28k)
Now able to style the edit window with an external stylesheet

Download Wyzz v0.6 (30k)
Now with experimental xhtml 1.0 compliant output code.

Download Wyzz v0.62 (31k)
Fixed a minor bug affecting multiple Wyzz editors on the same page, and another that caused Firefox to cough on an empty text area

Download Wyzz v0.65 (32k)
Improved browser support - now tested with IE7, Chrome 1.0, Safari 4 (public beta), Opera 9.1 and Firefox 3.0.8 (all on Win XP SP3). XHTML support now turned OFF by default.

Download Wyzz v0.66 (32k)
Now with IE8/9 support - thanks to forum member Jason V for this contribution.

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