NB For a look at all of the available functions, please see the demo page.

So What is Wyzz?

Wyzz is an ultra-small, very light WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor for use in your web applications. It's written in JavaScript, and is free (as in speech and as in beer) for you to use in your web applications and/or alter to your needs (see the licence conditions).

There are quite a few WYSIWYG editors around, many of them free - and some of them, such as FCK Editor, TinyMCE and others, are really excellent. Unfortunately, most of them are quite heavyweight applications in their own right.

Our goal with Wyzz is to create an Ultra-Lite (<10k!) WYSIWYG editor that's also a breeze to implement.

Unfortunately, it therefore won't have all of the functions of the more complex editors; but in many applications, these are superfluous anyway.

Where did Wyzz Come From?

Wyzz was born from my own requirement for a lightweight WYSIWYG editor for my own applications, including a small CMS, a webmail client and a small intranet-based document management system. Much of the inspiration for Wyzz has come from OpenWYSIWYG, another open-source WYSIWYG project, and I thank the contributors to that effort for getting me interested in writing one.

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